10 Golf Accessories that You’ll Definitely Need

Golf is an expensive hobby to say the least. Aside from golf club and golf ball, you will also need golf accessories including tees, a ball marker, golf gloves, a divot repair tool, club head covers, a towel, and rain gear.

Below are the ten accessories that you must have when playing golf, even if you are still a novice. You are to keep them in your golf bag all the time because you will definitely need them during the game.


Tees are spikes made of plastic or wood which have either a cup or brush head. You will need at least one tee during the game so it is better to buy a lot. They usually come in sets anyway. You need to bring a lot because they are prone to breakage, especially the wooden tees.

Golf accessoriesThe function of tees is to hold the ball up. Golfers plant the tees to the ground. Longer tees lift the ball higher but they are quite difficult to use. It is best to use a higher tee when your club is deep-faced. Pair a fairway wood and iron with a shorter tee.

Tees may affect the friction, the distance of shot, and the club speed. Professional golfers see to it that their tees help improve their performance.

Golf Gloves

The functions of gloves in golfing are to provide a solid grip and protect the player’s non-dominant hand. So, golf gloves are usually worn on just one hand, the non-dominant one. Wearing gloves may also decrease friction and increase control. These golf accessories come in many different sizes. You need to find which size fits best on your hand for maximum comfort.

If your glove is too big, it may slip off your hand when you swing your golf club. If it is too small, it might make your hand sweaty and sore.

Club Head Covers

You cannot play efficiently if you do not have a perfectly functional golf club. To keep them scratch-free and to protect them from any damage, you have to use club head covers. These covers are available in various designs. You can choose a design that matches your personality.

Club head covers can be pulled off, or enclosed with zippers or magnets.

Golf Shoes

You need to be balanced and stable to execute a perfect swing. Specialized golf shoes allow you to keep your footing. There are shoes with plastic spikes on the soles to ensure a solid grip. The spikes are detachable and replaceable.

Ball Markers

Ball markers are small and flat objects that are used to mark the position of the ball on the green. There are certain rules which state when players are allowed to lift their balls – such as when the ball is damaged and need to be replaced; when the player is not sure whether the ball is his; and when heavy rain interferes with the game.

With the absence of ball markers, golfers may use coins or any small object. Golfers should always carry a ball marker in their pocket.

Divot Repair Tools

Divot tools are like two-prong forks. These golf accessories are used in fixing the divot on the course when a player lifts a chunk of grass. Divot tools are also handy in smoothing indentations created by the ball on the green.

Repairing a divot is essential when playing golf; it is part of the etiquette being followed by every golfer. Some divot repair tools come with ball markers. The ball markers are attached using magnets.

Clothes and Hats

To play golf, you need to be in appropriate clothing. You have to be in a collared shirt and trousers to be able to play in some golf clubs and courses. Hats are also essential to shield your eyes and face from sunlight. You do not want to miss a shot because of too much light blocking your sight.


You need to maintain the optimum condition of your golf clubs. To do so, always bring a towel for wiping such equipment. You can also wipe your golf ball when it is on the green. By simply doing so, you may increase your performance in the game.


Umbrellas and other rain gears are also essential when playing golf. There are specialized golf umbrellas which are bigger that regular umbrellas. These golf accessories will not only shield you and your golf equipment from the rain. They will also keep you shaded from the sun. There are golf bags with umbrella holders to make it easy for you to carry one.

Ball Retrievers

Lastly, you also have to bring ball retrievers or ball pick-ups. They are used to retrieve golf balls from the water. Golf balls are expensive and so most golfers cannot afford to lose theirs. These ball retrievers range from 12 to 20 feet long. They have a catch on their end to get ball.